Friday, July 08, 2005


Nervous enough with the bombings in London
I plough through Union Station for a paper,
blasted by a sodding downpour as I emerge
from L'Enfant Metro, crepe myrtles buffeted
by the storm, umbrella arm soaked, hop
over puddles. I felt relieved to see
the George W. Bush action figure at attention
beside Tony Blair as the P.M. spoke out--
George and Dick Cheney have assured
us Al Queda is on the ropes. Better order
more air strikes in Iraq and Afghanistan, make
some more little Jihadists to hit us again.

Christopher T. George

I got absolutely drenched coming into work from the Metro from the remains of Hurricane Cindy. No major problems with the trains. It looked as if the Secretary of Homeland Security was being interviewed for TV in Union Station as I arrived.

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