Monday, July 25, 2005

Yet More Worrying Developments Out of London

On Saturday, the Metropolitan Police admitted that the man who was shot on the tube train was not part of the bomb plots and he appears to have been a completely innocent man. The police now say that Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, who was killed in error by police at Stockwell Tube station on Friday after they suspected he was a suicide bomber, had been in Britain on an out-of-date student visa. This means that the police have a major problem on their hands in addition to the effort to track down the bombers and their accomplices which they have indicated has already stretched their resources to the limits. The dead man's cousin, Alex Pereira, stated: "They killed my cousin, they could kill anyone." (See link through title above.)


Berko Wills said...

It sounded like pure hysterical overkill on the part of the police. It must have been horrific for fellow commuters to have a bunch of f***n cowboys shooting someone seven times in the head on the public transport system, regardless of what he had on his person.

I also fail absolutely to see that this was the best way of apprehending a real suicide bomber. If the police can't do MUCH better than that then everyone's got problems. I hope those cops go for a row, I really do.

Christopher T. George said...


Thanks for commenting. Your description "pure hysterical overkill" is apt. I think it was a case of the police panicking after the bombings of days before, thinking they actually had a bomber about to act, and killing the man before, as they thought, setting his bomb off. But since the incident was based on faulty information it was a horrendous mistake. I also agree that it must have been horrific for the passengers on board the tube train to see the man executed like that.