Friday, July 01, 2005

Tame the Ghosts

Erik has a new rockabilly CD out but the title track "Tame the Ghosts"
is not the one I wrote about past loves, Marjorie, Andrea, and Pat.

It's a more serious song by the Frenchman born of a Swedish lady teacher
and a Tunisian who died of heart disease and lies in a quiet French village:

camellia blossoms in a village graveyard; chime of a church clock.
Ghosts haunt us -- as I write these words, as I lift my coffee to drink,

past lives of friends and family touch us momentarily in the celestial arc
of our travels. I struggle to describe the ghosts that shadow me always.

Christopher T. George

July already and only half a day to work today ahead of the Independence Day weekend. I finished my deadline for the Gynecologic Oncology unit and am now moving onto Patient Management, logging in the manuscripts as they come in, sorting out formatting problems and bouncing items back to the authors if necessary. I have started editing the unit, then it will be a matter of working up to finalizing the editing at the beginning of September in order to mail the edited books out to the task force. I anticipate that my schedule will become more hectic as I finalize the book. Being an editor with constant deadlines is like being on a merry-go-round! You no sooner finish one deadline than you are working on another.

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