Monday, May 15, 2006

Ripping it up in Charlotte

Photographs of the weekend of "Jack" in Charlotte follow soon but meanwhile you can get an idea of how my weekend went by following the link above that will take you to Thomas Fortenberry's blog. Thank you, Thomas for writing up your impressions of our show! Yes it was a great weekend. Bryan Long who plays Jack gives a bravura performance. As with any new production, obviously we have some things to work on but for the show never having had a full-scale production until now it performed well.

A poem on the fly as it were--

Leaving Charlotte

In a black limo like a Mafia staff car,
I am swept past Fat Boy's Lube Shop
and the Love of God Ministry:
playwright on the wing

memorialized in triumphant
tableau in backstage stairwell
with my Victorian cast, each actor armed
with digital camera, my visit officially sanctified.

Now AirTran crams me into a last row windowseat
without a window, the whining jet engine bores
into my brain. I nibble baby pretzels,
suck on a miniature Tanqueray gin.

Christopher T. George


Sherry Pasquarello said...

hi chris, great review! i put a link to it on a post in my blog!
i knew it would be great! ; )

Sherry Pasquarello said...

oh, i forgot!

how can i order a cd???
thanks much, sherry

Christopher T. George said...

Hi Sherry

The CD can be ordered through

Although we still have things to iron out, as you might expect with a new show, I was remarkably astonished how well the show played despite the fact that it had never been fully staged before. So the weekend came across to me like a huge success. Kudos to producer Jim Vita, Elizabeth Peterson-Vita, musical director Lauren Konen, who also sang the key role of Betsy Dolan, and the incredible Bryan Long as Tom Dolan - Jack the Ripper, and the rest of the talented cast.


All my best


fjl said...

Well done for trying to put the impossible onto stage, and especially for sticking with casework which becomes a backbreaking load the moment you take the outlay seriously. comic effect sometimes!

Christopher T. George said...

Hi fjl

Actually I don't think the Ripper story is impossible to put on stage. Our show proved it is possible. Read the review by Thomas Fortenberry if you have not already done so (link through the title to my last posting). In any case, I do thank you for your interest!


fjl said...

Sickert would agree with you and riase his eyebrows at my remark :-)

..Just remembered !

All to do with encapsulating aspects of the case and setting them on stage.

All the same I think it takes genius, though try telling that to the Tate.