Monday, May 08, 2006

Cutting the Pages of a Hundred-year-old Text

I slip the knife between another sleeve of pages
to cut where no blade has cut and reveal
secrets hidden from all eyes.

I feel the gold inlaid title on the green leather spine,
the text's crisp fine linen paper, sharp handset letters,
and woodblock engravings. Mmmmmm,

Bach's "Air on a G String" plays
on the turntable. Now! I have a poetry contest to judge,
a book to write. Yes, yet another book to write! Ah,

I know it, the world awaits breathless.

Christopher T. George

As an explanation, apart from my full-time work as a medical editor in Washington, D.C., my upcoming musical, etc., I am working on the Bicentennial History of the St. Andrew's Society of Baltimore so I am knee-deep in men with kilts. Hope though to wrap up the final draft of the work shortly as the Society wishes to have the book out this year, their Bicentennial year. The organization was founded by immigrant Scotsmen at the Fountain Inn in Baltimore City on November 26, 1806, the founding president being Robert Gilmor I, born in Paisley, Scotland, and a leading merchant and banker.


Sea Dream Studio said...

Chris~ Interesting to read of your involvement with the St. Andrew's Society. I've been to a few St. Andrew's Dinners (and Burns Nights). The Scots do know how to kick up their skirts! My family is a tad Scottish (who isn't?), but my husband's (the McLain's) are a bit more pure. The McLains have the distinction of having one of the most hideous tartans on the planet.
Well, this comment was a ramble. Hope Jack goes off without a hitch.
take care~dale

Christopher T. George said...

Hi Dale

Great to hear from you. I was pleased to hear about you and your husband's Scottish background, even if the McLain tartan does not do the clan credit! Jack has been going well, to receptive audiences, and Bryan Long who plays Jack the Ripper does a fantastic and even eerie portrayal of a tortured soul not simply a madman or blood thirsty killer -- much more textured as I wrote it.