Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine for Whitney

Smithsonian Roses

Whitney Houston had an angel voice, for sure;
abuse, a drug like a brutal man, demands more.
Now with the angels she sleeps
and her fans and friends weep.


Never more hungry
all desires satisfied
oh, what ecstasy!

Having hands to love
we should all be so lucky
feel that loving touch

Their mother aches
while the husband holds
the kittens aloft.*

Is it just a glitch
are we really in the ditch
feel free speak up

Twiddle your thumb
I will eagerly await
your sweet tweet

to give your love:
too much unhappiness
exists in the world right now; be

We share
all our passion
for poetry, kindness:
we long to see both spread throughout
the earth.

That high
won't last, my child
-- not any high that is
artificially induced.
Get straight.

Christopher T. George

The Fab Four

* These poor little babies are orphans.

witters on the My Liverpool forum wrote:

I wonder what these little kittens think, I'm up at all hour's at the moment.
We look after them for a local Rescue centre.
They are called the Fab four yes John Ringo Paul and John even though one's a girl.
They were dumped at the gate.
My husband is holding them in the pic.

Thanks to witters for allowing me to use her photograph, and congratulations to witters and her husband for the outstanding work they do to rescue and care for such cats.

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