Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lady Liberty Rubber Ducky

Rubber Ducky Mark 1 ****************** ****************** Above: Rubber Ducky Mark 1 purchased 1994. Below, Rubber Ducky Lady Liberty, 2011 Rubber Ducky Liberty Rubber Ducky Liberty 1 Rubber Ducky Liberty 2 Rubber Ducky Liberty 2a Rubber Ducky Liberty 3 A few years ago, back in 1994 when I had to have an operation for a slipped disc and the neurosurgeon told me to take hot baths for my back, Donna bought be a rubber ducky, which I have kept ever since. Donna and her girlfriends were just up in New York and she brought me back a Lady Liberty Rubber Ducky. Unfortunately when I placed the new Lady Liberty Rubber Ducky in the bathwater this evening, in preparation for us going out to a New Year's Eve meal at Gertrude's Restaurant at the Baltimore Museum of Art, where we have been on New Year's Eve previous years and always enjoyed, the poor Lady Liberty Rubber Ducky went down headfirst in the bathwater which made me laugh... I had to call Donna in to see. Maybe that's why Lady Liberty Rubber Ducky has that startled look on her face! ******************  Below are a few sunset pictures of Baltimore taken yesterday in the waning hours of 2011. Baltimore Sunset 1 Baltimore Sunset 2 Baltimore Sunset 3 Baltimore Sunset 8 Baltimore Sunset 6 Baltimore Sunset 7 Baltimore Sunset 9

Dimly seen in several of the photos is a Geico Insurance billboard. The Geico "Gecko" looking down with the words "Want to Save Money?" Like the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg in The Great Gatsby in the Valley of the Ashes. The photograph below is an artsy rendering of a photograph taken at the same time.

Soft Focus Baltimore

It's how you see it --
this place you call home,
the scrag end of another year

as the cars whiz by
years stream by too.

You can't get a hold on
anything. . . can't find
a solution to the problems.

Christopher T. George

Soft Focus Baltimore

Soft Focus Baltimore, photograph by Christopher T. George

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