Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Clerihews

In an earlier blog posting, I wrote about "How to Write Clerihews" -- follow the link through the title to go to that previous blog post. Briefly, clerihews are short poems that follow a few short rules:

1 - They are four lines long.
2 - They rhyme aa, bb.
3 - The first line contains a name.
4 - They are usually humorous.

Thanks to Oudeis at the Yo Liverpool forum
for posting those rules.

Here are a few more clerihews of my own:

It's time for the wedding of William and Kate:
like any couple, they prepare to meet their fate.
He's Diana's son, a prince, and she's a commoner
and now Wills and the world will honor her.

William and Kate smaller

When, Icarus flew too close to the sun,
Daedalus cried, "Don't do it, son, you'll be undone!"
The kid is as mythical as Castor and Pollux,
but trust poor Icarus to make a bollocks.

Airheads rewarded
for ignorant cavorting:
each of them a glutton.
Punch the ignore button.

Television's "Real Housewives" are feeling blue
and now I'll gossip about them in this Clerihew:
if only they didn't all have PMS
their bloomin' lives wouldn't be such a mess!

There lived a poet called Frances Cornford.*
Her husband was named "Francis Cornford."
We really must learn to differentiate the two:
spelling one with "e" and the other with "i" will do.

* See "To a fat lady seen from the train" by Frances Cornford at

To use and abuse is what all tyrants know,
from Hitler and Stalin to Saddam and Nero:
the more things change, the more they're the same
--- for shame! for shame! for shame!

The more Khadafy's people tell him to go,
the more he says the Libyans love him so.
A strange individual -- totally perverse.
I fear this will end badly. Order a hearse.

As the world ponders curtailing Khadafy with a no-fly zone,
that is, chucking international justice a bone,
do we sense the wily dictator might yet survive
tweak the world's nose, give us more of his jive?

The Libyan leader might be off his head;
all the same, he's clever as a fox, it's said.
However, that's not what is worrying me today.
No! How d'you spell his darn name -- with a Q, G, or K????!!!

St Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland
Paddy had moxie--he used it like a brand
And though he chased away the vipers
he left the little people and the pipers!

The passing of an age: Liz Taylor -- gone!
For six decades, her star so clearly shone!
Not merely an actress, an activist too,
an example to emulate for me and you.

Too many times we blame ourself
for ideas that ought to have been left on the shelf.
We are all capable of making a mistake,
we can all tread on a rake.

They inevitably end up blaming the murder on poor Jeeves
-- but the gun or knife might have been Madge or Steve's.
Why should the butler swing for bumping off the victim
when capturing the true killer should be the dictum!

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