Friday, June 11, 2010

Do Not Pass Go

Monopoly Go to Jail Card

Parabolic curve!
Survive paralytic scare,
pass "Go", go to Jail,
trade Boardwalk for Water Works,
raid the Community Chest.

Blue Goddess 2

Blue Goddess

To think that hulking boy
arose from your thighs!
Oh Belladonna Madonna,
image of blue mystique,
intrigue me with your wiles
entertain me all the while,
haunt me like a phantom,
hovering on my horizon,
graveyard spectre,
eternal sceptre,
phallus and womb,
tomb and manger.

Christopher T. George

And your gilt-edged invitation to attend. . . .

Black & White Reading Barnes & Noble June 17 2010

I am planning to read poetry but also some songs from my songwriting partner Erik Sitbon's latest CD, Rusty, for more information on which, hit the link through the title above.

Erik Sitbon Rusty Smaller

Rhododendron Path

Sick of the photographs
of oil-slicked pelicans
from the Gulf oil spill,

the chat about culpability
of corporate executives
and playboy serial killers,

I wish instead just to dream
like Millais' "Bubbles" and wander
the rhododendron path
of a childhood park.

Christopher T. George

Bubbles by Millais

Bubbles (1886) by John Everett Millais (1829-1896)

Joe Neary Otterspool Park Rhododendrons smaller

Otterspool Park, Liverpool, by Joe Neary

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