Thursday, April 15, 2010


What Mankind Hath Made

"Bay sees blue crab resurgence"
Baltimore Sun, April 15, 2010

As I smoke my cigar,
I watch a man with
bedroll on back pick
through an ashtray for
a gourmet smoke.

Tonight he'll sleep on
a grate in our capital;
I'll sip another Scotch,
toast my father who died
of cancer on this day,
a lifelong smoker.

Mankind giveth,
mankind taketh
-- despite the Dioxins
and Palmolive bottles,
the Blues survive!

And we remain the dirty
bomb in our own oyster.

Christopher T. George

Letter to Douglas Jemal, head of the Douglas Development Corp., owner of the Washington Coliseum, near the New York Avenue Metro station.

Hello Mr Jemal

I read in the Washington Post about the development about the "tombstones" appearing as an apparent anti-war protest on the roof of the old Washington Coliseum. [See link through title above]

As a rider on the Marc Train, as a Beatles fan, a man born in Liverpool, England, as well as a historian and a preservationist, I have been concerned for some time about what is going to happen with the Coliseum.

Have you thought of developing it as a Beatles Museum?

It would appear clear to me that the fact that the Beatles played there in 1964 is the building's greatest claim to fame, along with its long use for different events dating back to 1941 as a significant building in Washington, DC history that deserves to be preserved.

Washington, DC, is already a tourist destination and it would seem to me that as a museum on the famed Liverpool rock group that played there in 1964 this building could become a lucrative and interesting asset for the City of Washington and the Douglas Development Corporation much as the Beatles Story is in my native Liverpool. See

Best regards

Christopher T. George

Bioletti Penny Lane 2

Bioletti's Barber's Shop, Liverpool, from the Beatles' video of "Penny Lane." In reality, the barber's shop was at 11 Smithdown Place and not in Penny Lane, which is a road west of the old bus station.

You can download a copy of my article, The Bioletti Family of Liverpool: From the Maybrick Case to John Lennon and the Beatles, in pdf format. The article originally appeared in Ripperologist magazine at the time of the 2003 Jack the Ripper Convention held at Liverpool's Britannia Adelphi Hotel. Enjoy!


Lisa Cohen said...

Good to hear the crab is thriving. My in-laws live on the Eastern Shore in Maryland and there has been a lot of fear that the crab was being overfished.

Christopher T. George said...

Great to hear from you, Lisa. Yes indeed it's cheering news! Now to save the Bay oyster and the other creatures and plants!


Unknown said...

I knew Roger (Bioletti) in the 80s and I'm still friends with his long-term partner.

Seeing Rog's photo when he was so young (he looks scared to death, not how I remember him at all), was quite a shock after all this time.

If you'd like me to put you in touch with his partner I can ask her to write to you ........ just email me on gmail or at

PS I like your site. Is Baltimore as beautiful as we all over here imagine it to be?

Christopher T. George said...

Hello Denise

Great to hear from you and to know that you knew Roger Bioletti. Yes Baltimore is quite a beautiful city. I must post some more photographs of the city. Thanks for your interest and encouragement.