Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lost in the Mail

It's steamy summer at Sudsville;
sparrow hot-bobs on the sidewalk
as I sit on a molded plastic seat
reading Bukowski's Post Office.

I've got Joe's letter from Christmas
as a bookmark; it glides under seat.
He wrote to say he'd see me at Easter
for a Bud at the Whistling Oyster;
but Easter's long come and gone.

I risk the Timonium traffic to cross
York Road, headed for the Book Rack
to seek a book of Bukowski's poems;
but the store's empty: For Lease
sign on window--all-out-of-words.

Next door Party Shop's closed too,
St. Paddy's shamrock above signs
saying Exit, Thank you for your
business and Computers Down. Will
Open A.S.A.P. It's party-downtime,

rowdy-on-down time.

Christopher T. George


Anonymous said...

Hi, Like your website. Bernie Henrie has been helping me out at Splashhall with my amateur attempts at poetry. My brother Jon is a teacher/historian at Park School in Towson, Md.

Thanks for the read,

Scott Acheson

Christopher T. George said...

Thanks for your comment, Scott. Glad to make your acquaintance and to know that your brother is a teacher/historian at Park School. Bernie Henrie is a great guy and I am pleased to know he has been assisting you with your poetry. Good luck with it.


Cheryl and Janet Snell said...

Hi Chris, I toured your site today. The local color of the photos complement the poetry nicely. Makes me miss the sights downtown.

Jim Doss said...


I love the local scenery and flavor of this poem. But can't you find something better to read than Bukowski? Just kidding.