Thursday, April 27, 2006

Poetry Contest Herewith!!!!

Whoopee! I have won the weekly challenge at Desert Moon Review to write a fuldrum. I will let contest judge Charlene Dewbre explain, and listen carefully playmates because the best entry of a fuldrum received here by May 7, 2006 receives a signed copy of the promo CD of the musical by songwriting partner, Erik Sitbon and myself, "Jack--The Musical" being performed in Charlotte, North Carolina, May 13 and 14 next (link through the title above)--

Here's an exercise in form that we call a Fuldrom (because we like the sound of the word.) Here's how it works:

Line one introduces the topic.
Line two creates an unlikely metaphor.
Line three explains line two and should include internal rhyme.
Line four must be a contradiction of an earlier line.

Example #1

My grandmother
is a tinkling chain; empty
on the wind, the windchime gone
but still there.

Example #2

Ethnic cleansing and starvation
are crumbs caked onto pages -
ages-crusted, and trusted
to easily wipe away.

Brush off your metaphors and show me your Fuldroms!

Charlene Dewbre,
Contest Judge

My winning entry in the Desert Moon Review contest just ended is as follows, another example for you to examine as you come up with your own fuldrum to enter in the new contest here. . .

giraffes looking out over the lawn
-- a galloping purple army! Am I barmy?
They're going nowhere!

NOW put your fuldrum in the comments section. Best entry received by 12 noon, eastern standard time, Sunday, May 7, 2006 wins the signed copy of the CD published with a numbered limited edition 16-page color book (cash value $35.00). Enter as many times as you like until the deadline. Good luck!


steadydrip said...

Hello Chris,

Thank you for the invitation to participate in your contest. Also, congratulations on your play, and I hope you great success for you!

My entry:


femininity, particular
God's right lobe
a strobe, an explode, a dare;

steadydrip said...

Sorry, I didn't identify myself or tell you that I saw your post at AW.


Kevin said...

Congress in session
like a Furry convention--
honkeys in cute donkey suits and elephant pants
(except the Furries consent to screwing eachother)

KL said...

breast cancer surgery:
a mole creates out of a mountain
what a gardening tool on a dirt hill
makes flat its plain.

steadydrip said...

salvation of, oh, so many.
their tow of hope saves them
only a penny.

Deborah P Kolodji said...

my empty stomach
is a growling tiger
waiting to devour pastries of flour
a contented kitten

Christopher T. George said...

Posted here on behalf of Robert Linford. Thanks for entering the competition, Robert.

The first line introduces the challenge.
Fuldrum mayfly hurries to dance.
Will there be time for internal rhyme
As gauntlet down hurtles with dissonant clang?



Christopher T. George said...

From AP Wolf--

\b{Dead Bodies}

This no place to comment on passage of time
Or to seek an unusual rhyme, like thyme
That bleeds into time like lime, like
Quicksilver, ah just so sublime. . .

Christopher T. George said...

Matthew from Eratosphere adds the following fuldrum:

a bowl of sugared ants
the honey itch is a bitch to ignore
i refuse to be grown up

Christopher T. George said...

Hey, Allen!!!

Calm down! Fuldrum as much as you like. I will arrange therapy later! :-)


Lisa Cohen said...

Stephen Biko;
Hope is a Lazarus, your murder
a resurrection, hatred's reflection.
You live.

I introduced my kids to Peter Gabriel's song "Biko" and they wanted to know what it was about. It's hard to believe it's been nearly 20 years since his murder.

Ava South said...

Here's mine, for what it's worth, Chris.

Twilight creeps into the neighborhood
Sunbeams put to sleep by an assassin.
Chopped in two, never more to view
Dark bloody portrait of the day’s end.

Don't laugh. I didn't even know what a fuldrum was till you posted the guidelines.


steadydrip said...

pride of life
ready for the moment;
seed of strife, fight with wife
authors your lament.

Ava South said...

Going to town in the buggy
Horses, head down and plodding
Smelling manure, such allure
Empty traces are skeletons.

Help!! I need help!

Toni Clark said...
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Toni Clark said...

a defunct volcano,
hemmed by upstart villages, condemned to ash,
hoards its red hot heart.

Toni Clark said...

Last night's dream--
rampant black-leaved foliage
wild as a thrashing child
soon dead in its bed.

Toni Clark said...

Asparagus stalks poke up
like stiff, unsmiling aunts
holding a pose in old photos,
stifling laughter.

Toni Clark said...

Sex with a stranger--
like sipping hot coffee--
sweet burning, then learning
the bitter aftertaste.

Toni Clark said...

Deep space --
a giant old-time radio--
full of static, enigmatic
messages, bursts of laughter.

Toni Clark said...

My memory bank
is like a clearance sale:
All-time low! Everything must go!
The more you spend, the more you save!

Toni Clark said...

This poem--
a shriveled tree ear
dry as bone, deaf as stone,
listening for water.

Toni Clark said...

A CORRECTION OF ONE POSTED LAST NIGHT... (Is thaqt legal? I was too tired to see the redundancy.)

Last night's dream--
rampant black foliage
wild as a thrashing child
soon dead in its bed.

Ava South said...

Arising from bed it throbs
Church bells tolling in the tower
Sinister place, no minister's face
As my head holds the secret tight.

See if you can guess how I woke up this morning?


Ava South said...

I grab my bicep and throbbing hand
The bull charges the fluttering cape
The horns impact: my sinews attacked
The animal is my pet now.

Tammy said...

Nicole and Paris,
fancy goldfish in plastic bags,
big eyes and no thighs,
living simple lives

Christopher T. George said...

Hello everyone

Thank you all for taking part in this contest. The contest is now closed (12:35 pm my time) and the judging will begin. Thank you all for taking part. I should be able to announce the winner this evening.