Friday, September 16, 2005

Icky the Firebobby . . . and My Songwriting

Icky the Fire Bobby

In the land of thingamabob and wotsit,
Icky was my bogeyman, the specter
who'd grab me if I didn't get to bed,
if I didn't eat my peas or mashed spuds.

He haunted pantry, clothes cupboard,
made plans in the dark to terrify,
a mean older brother, a hairy policeman
with hatchet and tall bobby's helmet.

I trembled in bed waiting for his bullseye
lantern to single me out, to haul me off
to the coal bunker for punishment with all
the other bad, sobbing little buggers.

Christopher T. George

This was the weekend on which the musical by Erik Sitbon and myself, "Jack--The Musical" was going to be presented in Charlotte, North Carolina, but unfortunately plans fell through for the weekend. Still, have to plug on. Erik has just returned from Deauville where he said he performed before a crowd of 15,000 our song, "Gotta to Make the Right Move." We will get there slowly and surely. . .

Erik in Deauville, Entertaining the Masses

P.S. You can see a video of one of our songs, "June," by hitting the link through the title to this post above.


Sherry Pasquarello said...

hi chris, i liked the poem, i LOVED the singing! that young man has a grand voice. i bet he could really sing the hell out of a soulfilled love song.

this song reminds me of the 60's a bit. made me nostalgic. sherry

Christopher T. George said...

Hi Sherry

Thanks, Sherry. Erik himself has played a lead in a musical, as well as being a composer and a rock musician.