Monday, June 13, 2005

Adventures on the MARC train to D.C.

Trouble with the 5:55 am MARC train this morning -- the locomotive pulled us into the tunnel headed southwest out of Penn Station, Baltimore, then died! We had to be hauled back into the station then all boarded the delayed 6:20 am which then made all the stops down to D.C. meaning I was an hour late reaching work. Luckily I am staying later tonight and will also all this week and most next to meet my deadline on June 23. Much to do.

Interesting post by John Simkin on the Education Forum at about the evolution of "Deep Throat" throwing some doubt on whether Mark Felt is actually Bob Woodward's source in the Watergate case:

David Obst, Woodward’s literary agent in the 1970s, has given an interview to the journalist Sharon Churcher. Obst attempted to sell the manuscript of "All the President’s Men." He pointed out that Deep Throat did not figure in the early manuscript of "All the President’s Men." Nor did he appear in any of the Watergate reports in the Washington Post. Obst admits that the manuscript was originally a straightforward political analysis of Watergate that was turned down by seven publishers. Deep Throat was only added to the manuscript after Woodward met the screenwriter William Goldman at a party. It was then accepted by Simon & Schuster. It also became part of a film deal with a script written by Goldman. Obst claims that the character of Deep Throat was inserted in order to get a film deal and a contract with Simon & Schuster.

The identification of Felt as Deep Throat is part of a new Woodward book deal. Woodward’s new book on Deep Throat, "The Secret Man," is due out next month. What a coincidence?

Interesting stuff.... !!!

Incidentally, I joined the Education Forums, based in England, to discuss my interest in Jack the Ripper. I am glad to find that my old friend Stewart Evans is one of the authorities posting on the site. It is some time since we have been in contact.


Written on my way home on the MARC Train on Friday afternoon:

Cabbage Whites

At last, done with my deadline, I see the world anew,
my senses alive as I ride home by train in the afternoon sun,

move slow near BWI Airport: sandy soil, honeysuckle, vetch,
I see cabbage whites wander the yellow and pink blossoms,

white mostly but an occasional yellow or orange fritillary.
No stunners these guys, not the diva-like swallowtail or regal

monarch, the other-worldly luna moth I saw in South Carolina!
No! Whites perform no leads -- they take bit parts, like me!

Christopher T. George

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