Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Steele in the Night: Flipping America the Bird

Several times in the past, I have criticized Republican Party Chairman and former Maryland Deputy Governor Michael Steele for the odd things he says and does (see link to my last blog post about Mr. Steele through the title above). Now Steele is back saying that the Democrats in Congress are "flipping America the bird" for the way they are trying to pass the health bill in the Senate before Christmas.

Of course Steele's remark is entirely in line with the policy of his fellow Republicans, to be obstructionists and to refuse to contribute to forming what will be, even in the watered down version of the bill as now conceived, landmark legislation concerning health care for all Americans, whether they be Democrats, Republicans, or Independents, the young, the poor, men, women, Latinos, native Americans, Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc. In short, All Americans.

The Republican strategy in fact flies in the face of history considering that Republicans such as Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Richard M. Nixon tried to pass health care, as did former Republican vice presidential candidate Bob Dole, although in the end ironically he helped kill the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy's bill to institute health care.

Universal health care is long due here in the United States and is something that Republicans should want to see brought about for their constituents.

Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele's remarks are not helpful to the American people.

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Let said...

I think the party as a whole is struggling to find its identity and in the meantime, swat at anything that comes at them from the left - even if its good for the American people. Eventually, I think both parties, and the country as a whole will come together to say that reform has been needed and is here, not perfect, but good enough. The Michael Steele's of the world will eventually figure out they no longer serve a purpose.